How We Are Responding to Covid-19

Open for Business: An Essential Business

Under the guidelines of the Colorado Governor’s COVID-19 Executive Order, QuickBox warehouse/distribution is classified as a 'critical workplace' and  will remain open for regular operations. 

We will continue to maintain all CDC precautions and guidelines, and have implemented additional practices within our daily operations to maintain proper social distancing between employees.

Our postage carriers and delivery services have advised us that because they are considered a “critical and essential part of business” to our Country, they will remain in operations. However, please understand that with many air and ground  transit delays and in-shelter orders in some States, you can expect delays in package delivery times for those areas. We will be monitoring this closely and reporting what we learn in our EODs; but as good practice, we would advise that you let your customers know there may be delays in transit times of their package.

Keeping Employees Safe

We have re-trained all employees on our GMP SOPs and reiterated expectations of hand-washing as well as utilization of the installed hand-sanitizing stations. We have shared new expectations about eliminating contact, such as hand-shakes and eliminated any disciplinary consequences for people staying home with potential illness. We have also set up an emergency hotline for our employees to contact in case of a local outbreak and if any of our facilities is required to shut down temporarily. Beyond that we have increased the frequency of cleaning and sanitizing around our offices and facilities. Everyone is taking the changes seriously and we have not seen any drop off in terms of our order processing throughput or turnout. Fortunately, morale is good and everyone is focused on delivering the excellence in service you've come to expect.

A Partner You Can Rely On

QuickBox Fulfillment has been, and will remain, an e-commerce partner you can rely on. We are doing everything we can to supply additional support to our clients and employees to make it through these unfortunate circumstances. 

We will continue to provide updates as they come to our clients directly and through this page. 

We must remember, the key here is for us all to work together. We will get through this.